Wednesday, April 13, 2016

New File: Fuckdoll Fantasy - Prison Bitch

This file is an elaborate fantasy that places you in the role of a naughty sissy who goes to prison for doing something only a silly little sissy would do. At first you are very concerned about how you will fare in a prison designed for men, but you soon come to find that your time in the prison will be far more pleasant and appropriate for a simpering little sissy than you could have ever dreamed. You will sign an agreement that you'll provide certain services for the sexually frustrated prisoner men (many of whose wives and GF's don't even visit them anymore!) and in exchange you will receive special privileges and rewards more befitting of such a little princess than a boring old cell amongst the regular prisoners.

New File: Training Loop #28 - Pretty Whore

You know that looking pretty is the most important thing in the world for silly bimbos and sassy little whores princess. Yes sweetie, nothing matters more to a precious girly girl princess than looking her best for big strong men. You are going to learn to think of yourself as a pretty little whore for men sweetie whether you actually charge for your services or not. You will commit to a professional level of service when it comes to pleasing a man and this means that you will strive to provide him with complete and total satisfaction every single time, even if this means deep throating his thick twitching cock till your mascara runs down your slutty face and you need to gasp for air. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

New File: Training Loop #27 - Limp Clitty Humiliation

This file is strictly for true pathological sissies - especially those with itsy bitsy little clitties (aww...)
Yes sweetie, this devious piece of conditioning is very explicit and very humiliating. Your little mind will come to understand that humiliation is good for you and helps you understand your little place so wonderfully well. You will embrace being a limp fairy princess and a sissy and even a faggot and learn why those terms are so very appropriate when referring to your kind. Of course sweetie you already know that it's not okay to call a gay man a faggot, I use the term only to describe the most precious of pussified princesses

Monday, February 1, 2016

New File: Training Loop #26 - Kindness & Love

This file is just perfect for true sissies and girly girls alike who love to express kindness and love to the world. Whether that be platonic kindness and love such as the type shared between BFF's or fluffy little puppies, or the type that good girls love to show to hunky masculine men, you will not hesitate in showing how much kindness and love you have for the whole wide world princess. The effects of this file are extremely positive and just lovely for little princesses who feel warm fuzzies in their little hearts when they are nice to another living being. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

New File: Training Loop #25 - Bimbo Heatwave

This file is very intense and will leave little bimbos in a state of constant sexual heat that simply must be satiated by finding a man (or men) to please. You will be drawn into a deep and prolonged state of extreme feminine sexual arousal and simply fantasizing about dreamy hunks and thick twitching cocks will not be enough to satisfy your ever present yearning for large rockhard cocks in your slutty little mouth and tight wet pussy. You will be reminded of how to behave around men sweetie and you will remember that nothing is more important to a silly bimbo cumslut than looking pretty for all the guys and you will learn several new methods of making your femininity more permanent and impossible to hide and you will learn how to cope with and embrace the mild humiliation this may cause you. 

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