Sunday, July 8, 2012

Training Loop #1 - Limp Clitty

There is absolutely no reason for a sissy to ever feel the need to become hard. A true sissy's clitty should remain limp and girly at all times. Soft clitties just feel so much more appropriate in pretty pink panties and it is both uncomfortable and unnatural for a sissy to feel yucky hardness down there. This file will ensure that the microscopic embarrassment between your legs never becomes erect.

But first let me explain something to all my good girls...

A real man has a cock. A nice big meaty cock that becomes long and hard whenever pretty and slutty girls are around. All hunky guys have such powerful and veiny dicks that just ache to be pumped in and out of wet pussies until their good girl passes out from too many orgasms.

To a real man, wearing anything but loose and baggy boxers would be pointless as his massive cock would simply burst through the tight fabric. For this reason, real guys would never even think about wearing panties.

But wait...    you're not a real man, are you princess?

You are a sissy. And a sissy...

...has a clitty.
Sissy clitties are far too itsy-bitsy to ever dream of penetrating a woman's vagina, let alone providing her with anything close to an orgasm. Therefore there is no reason for such tiny nubs to ever become hard like a real man's cock would.

Girly panties look much prettier and more feminine on a sissy's body if her puny clitty stays perfectly limp, as a failed excuse for a functional penis should always be.

This file should be listened to on repeat for at least 30 minutes at a time (the longer the better) and will become deeply hardwired into your sissy brain. You should listen on a regular basis sweetie, at least a couple of times a day as the effects on your miniscule clitty will become increasingly permanent the more you listen.

Good girls like to be limp.
Good girls like to obey.

Training Loop #1 -
Limp Clitty


  1. Dear Goddess Gracie,

    Words cannot begin to describe the feelings rushing through my pink fluffy cotton candy as I read this post and looked at the pictures.

    Before discovering you and committing myself to your teachings (or if you feel servitude is more appropriate I will say that) I might likely have felt sorry for the limp little clittie in the first picture but now I feel nothing but jealousy, longing and to be honest a little trepidation.

    A week ago, I might have been inclined to share this with you privately but knowing how public humiliation can be beneficial for a sissy’s psyche I thought I would just share it in this post in the hopes that others might also find it useful.

    To be honest, what I have to share really isn’t like full public humiliation because I feel like a member of a family already in this forum and it really isn’t humiliating to say anything in a family where you know there is a lot of support and compassion… giggles… hugz... I love you girls.

    Any who, here goes. As soon as I saw the first picture I instinctively felt my own clittie and estimated it to be bigger at 2” or 2.5” soft. Then I fingered myself to get my clittie hard and guessed it was not more than 4” this way. I then had a sinking feeling - could I ever be as beautiful as the girl in this picture if my clittie was so much bigger? Will a clittie my size show a bulge when I’m wearing panties? These were the feelings going through my pink cotton candy and they made me sad.

    Since listening to GG1&2 before BB1&2 and being so new to your teachings I wondered if my psyche is ready for the limp clittie training because I must confess I still like making yummy cummies unless of course you can still make them even though you’re limp? OMG that would be heavenly…tehe…but probably too good for a sissy to hope for :(

    I don’t think I’ve felt more trustful of someone than I feel of you and so if you were to say the limp clittie file was right for me now then I would not hesitate and would be flush with excitement like a child on Christmas Eve if you were to even remotely suggest this to be so.

    Meanwhile the real man’s cock in the second shot actually makes my mouth water…giggles. I feel nothing but admiration and respect for that man and a deep desire to feel him inside me.

    Thanks for listening to my insecurities Goddess.

    Love and huggies, Br♥tt xoxo

    1. Well Britt, there is one way to make sissy cummies without even getting a little hard...

      Having your prostate massaged by something long, thick, and hard, and we BOTH know what that something is <3

    2. As Joy said sweetie, you can have all the orgasms you like when you're getting fucked hard in your little pussy by a hunky guy.

      But on top of that, it is important to know that sissies can still have orgasms by playing with their little clitty when it is 100% limp. I have had this reported by at least a dozen sissies who listened to this file.

      True sissies tend to find that they have a strong preference for playing with their completely soft and useless little thingy.

      If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. It's not like the clitty being stiff is what causes the spurties to come out in the first place!

      Give it a try hun, you might be surprised!

      Goddess Gracie xx

    3. Tehe...I bet you're talking about a throbbing cock aren't you Joy... giggles... mmm I can feel it pumping in and out of me now... it feels heavenly!

      OMG Goddess what you are saying here is so reassuring. I don't even know why I would even begin to question something you said as I should be respecting your every word without hesitation.

      I would love to listen to this file on loop in a bra and panties and with a big delishus dildo...giggles

      Br♥tt xoxo

  2. Oh Goddess Gracie,

    You posted one of my favorites!!! i love to sleep with this on repeat. i love being limp so much. it makes me feel soooo much more feminine...and the more feminine i feel and the more it makes me crave licking on real cocks.

    It certainly lets guys know that it is not even possible to have anything going on sexually between a fagot sissy and her lady friends. It just makes everyone feel more comfortable.

    i love you Goddess Gracie

    Your little limp clitty fagot sissy,

    Sissy Queer Brenda

    my panties feel even better now that i am permanently limp

    1. Hi Brenda,

      I had a feeling this would be a favorite of yours sweetie.

      It is a very good idea for sissies to listen to this file in their sleep, so be sure to give yourself a limp wristed pat on the back for that :)

      Goddess Gracie xx

    2. mmm...your idea sounds heavenly Brenda...I bet this way the lessons get buried deep deep deep into your psyche. Hugz, Br♥tt

  3. Dear Goddess Gracie,
    i was so excited when i saw this post today! i sent an email to you a couple of days ago about the Limp Clitty loop! tehee! i thought i would repost it on here so all the sissy girls can read how it worked on me!

    Dear Goddess Gracie,
    Sorry to bother you so much, but i feel i have to tell you everything! i listen to all your files and luv them so much! Lately i have been listening to the limp clitty training loop. It had been a couple of days since i goo'd last time and I was so horny last night. i was cleaning around the house in my short shorts, tight T-shirt, satin white bra and panties, black 6" fmp, 40dd breast, red bob wig, and makeup. i listened to the limp clitty recording on my headphones while i did laundry and cleaned dishes. When it was bedtime i was so horny i lay back in bed and watched videos of hard cocks online. i sucked and moaned on my 8 inch dildo. i kept playing with my clitty when it was soft. Every time it got hard i stopped and let it go soft again. After 2 hours i was so horny and frustrated. i would get close to spurting my cummies when my clitty would stiffen and then i would stop. my clitty was dripping goo and i was so close to spurting my sissy juice. i loved how horny i was and still how soft i felt! i thought only about how soft my clitty was and how much i loved sucking the big dildo in my mouth. i only used my thumb and finger to stroke my clitty! Finally, my goo spurted once out of my clitty then dribbled down it. When i was cumming i let go of my clit and let the creamy juice dribble from it. i was so horny still! i used the head of the dildo to rub my sissy cummies off my clitty. My clitty quickly softened again! But i was so horny! i started rubbing my sticky little clitty with my thumb and finger again. It tried to get hard and i stopped each time. i was out of my mind horny! After another 20 minutes of this i spurted my sissy cummies again! i did the same thing, i just thought about how good my soft clitty felt and how much i luv the creamy cock in my mouth. When i goo'd i let go of my clitty and just let it spurt and dribble on my white panties. My clitty tried to stiffen! I didn't want that, so i thought about how much my soft clitty made me horny! then it shrunk back to the right size and dribbled on my belly.
    Thank you so much Goddess Gracie!


    1. Hi Bobbie,

      Oh that is a very pretty message sweetie, and you are very welcome. It is good to hear that you were cleaning around the house like a good sissy always should, and in a wonderfully appropriate outfit for doing so.

      Be sure to play with your dildo more sweetie, the more training you have with it, the better you will be at pleasuring real guys in the future.

      Talk soon hun

      Goddess Gracie xx

    2. OMG bobbie your story is so out of control it gives me goose bumps just to read. You're living my fantasy and your night time fun sounds purrr-fectly delishus.

      I have grown accustomed to fingering my clitty to the point of having a little ooeey gooeey cummies seep out which I lick off my fingers...tehe

      Hugz n kisses, Br♥tt xoxo

  4. This loop, and your upcoming impotence file are sure to squeeze the last itty bitty bits of masculinity out of all us sissies.

    I feel a little ashamed that my clitty isn't as small as it should be, and feel so jealous of the incredibly tiny clit in that picture. Oh how I wish it would just disappear entirely, leaving a perfectly pink pussy between my legs!

    1. That is something I think a lot of sissies yearn for Joy, so don't feel alone in your dream of having the tiniest clitty that eventually fades into oblivion entirely.

      And yes, the upcoming impotence file will work on the foundations that were laid in this training loop tenfold. It will not be ready for some time though as I want to take time with it to ensure it will be the most effective impotence file to ever exist!

      Goddess Gracie xx

    2. I fantasize about that too Joy. Thanks Goddess for being so compassionate about our dreams and giving us hope to one day realize them.

      I know with more conditioning that I will embrace this greatest file ever. In the meantime, I have been listening to the limp clitty file on loop when not listening to Good Girls 1&2.

      I would love to find a private place where I could listen in a bra and panties while teasing my pussy with a dildo rather than stopping and starting my clitty so much...giggles.

      Love Br♥tt

  5. PLZ Goddess Gracie....we sissies are all waiting for you impotence file desperately....the clit in the first pic is so nice....and the pic of the real man's cock really made my mouth water.
    I just want my clitty to shrivel and balls to disappear permanently....Your words have wonderfully encouraged my journey to femininity and with your blessings I hope I can be a true sissy,and someday maybe a nice housewife to a real man .



    1. You will be waiting for some time honey as a file like that takes alot of thought and careful planning.

      I will be releasing more files soon, likely within the next two weeks!

      However, that particular file is going to be a while off yet as it will require a lot of serious research and I will need to implement some new techniques to make it as effective as possible.

      I would recommend listening to the limp clitty training loop as often as possible in the meantime, the more you have trained with that the better, as many sissies are already completely impotent after extensive training. It will take a little effort sweetie, but the rewards are obvious.

      Be sure to keep me updated on all your progress princess.

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  6. Just a quick fagot note to that you Goddess Gracie for all the great photos for us to stare at and have naughty thoughts!!!

    The one above of the incredibly yummy cock is just one example! ; P

    (i put that gorgeous cock photo as my computer backdrop and started fantasising about all the little groves and veins my tongue would explore!!!)

    You put a lot of time, thought an effort into your photos and it really is appreciated.

    Also, i see you have a youtube video!!! Awesome! i don't think i can even imagine how hot one of your brainwashing VIDOES would be. i think my mind will just disappear into pink oblivion. (as if it hasn't already!)

    i am sooo looking forward to what you have in store for us on your next files!!!!

    Warm fagot hugs,

    Sissy Queer Brenda

    (now if i can only find where you talked about telling people at the hair salon about your little fagots)

  7. Goddess Gracie,

    i put the picture of the awesome cock as a desktop background and i could not help but start kissing it. It felt so real!!!!

    i wish it was real and you were watching and giggling and as i concentrate on cock sucking i can hear you kissing him and whispering things to him i can't quite hear.

    Sissy Queer Brenda

  8. Goddess Gracie, sissy just love the first photo of limp clitty. sissy keep trying to reach that same picture. thank you thank you.
    sissy just love your blog.

    submissively yours

  9. This princess knows that listening to this file is not only addictive but it also has lasting effects.
    It has been my pleasure to listen to this file everyday for the last 6 months.
    There is next to no movement in my panties now - my clitty stays soft and small.
    This is a brilliant file for any sissy's playlist.

    1. OMG Joanne, that is so delishusly inspiring to're totally a shero and sissy to look up to.

      I wonder if there ever comes a time when we stop listening? I can't imagine ever not wanting to listen to Goddess Gracie's files. Would it be fare to say Goddesses' files are to us what the bible would be to a priest or what water would be to a fish? *giggles* that last one sounded funny :)

      Hugz n kisses, Br♥ttany xoxo

    2. Thanks Br♥ttany!
      Lol.. A Shero.. This princess is far too flawed to be categorized that way.. but if you found something inspiring in what was said – That makes me very happy.
      It is my opinion that there will come a time when there is no longer a need to listen to this file. The file itself is so deeply entrenched in my soul that Goddesses voice pops up in my head to remind me of how sissies should behave. It is very reassuring to know that Goddess is there even when the file is not playing.
      Thanks again for the kind words Br♥ttany
      Joanne xx

    3. You're wel-cummies sweetie...tehe...but the pleasue was all mine and I think you are a shero because you're true to your beautiful self.

      That's a really good way of putting it Joanne - Goddess is always with us whether the file is playing on a media device or over n over in our pink cotton candy heads...giggles.

      Toodles girlfriend, Br♥ttany xoxo

  10. Dear Goddess,

    This may sound really REALLY strange, but I CANNOT stop listening to this audio as well as the good girl pair. Now I'm sure you have heard this before from many a gurl, and i understand that. What makes me most confused (and somewhat scared) is that this is NOT my first time at trying hypnotic files, and the other files, have NEVER lasted a week. This is the start of my 2nd week listening to them and *I* cannot stop....

    Honestly, I am not sure HOW you have done it, but I'm really scared, that is the honest truth, with "other" files like this, i could EVEN make cummies (OMFG did I JUST say that?) but after listening to you files I have NOT been able to get HARD.....

    So, I have to BEG you, please PLEASE tell me HOW to stop, how to STOP listening to your files. I'm honestly, scared Sh^tless that I won't be able to get hard. I havn't TRIED, yet, but part of the reason is JUST that, I don't know how it will turn out!

    All this has got me thinking that perhaps I need to get the Bimbo curse, I mean if I'm going out why not go all the way? Perhaps, just perhaps if I beg you, you can help me?

    With Love,


    1. Hi sweetie,

      First of all; what sort of silly name is Brett for such a quivering little sissy? Picturing a good girl with such an icky masculine name just makes me burst into laughter.

      Perhaps you find yourself giggling at having such a silly name too sweetie.

      Secondly, there is absolutely nothing to worry about in the slightest princess.
      Everything is going to be fine, I assure you.

      Many good girls find themselves unable to stop listening to my files, they just enjoy them so much! It is definitely a deeply positive thing, and the consequences are just too much fun to ever want to even think of resisting.

      Don't worry your silly little head about the addiction sweetie - it is perfectly normal and to be expected. Listening to my brainwashing and hypnosis files will not harm you in any way whatsoever - it may just make you more feminine and a nicer, softer and more caring person than you ever were before. How could something that makes you more loving and gentle and thoughtful be anything to worry about? I think you know the answer just as well as I do sweetie.

      You can email me again if you have any further concerns hun (I know you emailed me this same message that you posted in the comment above, but I thought I would reply here) and I will be happy to talk you through every step of your journey.

      Good girls can still make all the warm spurties they like without getting the slightest bit hard sweetie, give it a try and I think you will be surprised and learn to love this new and more feminine way of orgasming. Just make sure you have some soft tishies to wipe up the mess so you don't get your pretty pink panties all sticky.


      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  11. I'm pleased to announce that the Limp Clitty Training Loop has become a completely free file on as it has been six months since it was released, and all Premium files become free after six months. So if you weren't able to download it before, now's your chance :)

    Goddess Gracie xx

    1. Yay I started listening to this as soon as i noticed it was free, listened to it a couple of times now sadly these first couple times it made my clitty all yucky and hard from listening I hope this will fade with more listening.


  12. Good girl Mindy :)

    I think most sissies unfortunately experience bouts of hardness in the early days training with the file, but don't let that discourage you sweetie.

    It is very important that you don't touch your clitty when it gets the slightest bit hard. Simply listen to my words and wait for it to soften completely before you play with it. Even if you have to wait for a few minutes, it is just a nice way of sending a message to your body that your clitty is not meant to be played with unless it's nice and limp.

    Sissies love to make warm spurties out of their soft little clitties and I'm sure you will love it too princess.

    Goddess Gracie xx

  13. Hehe Thank you Goddess Grace for the encouragement, I will keep your words of wisdom in mind. I think I'm going to listen the the file 2 times a day for 30 minutes unless you think I should listen longer.


  14. I keep getting icky hardness when listening to the file its really discouraging and a few times I have been unable to resist touching my clitty. :(


  15. Hi Goddess Gracie!

    I can see you know us sissies very good and, if you don't mind, I'd like to read your advice.

    I am very turned on by your file. Just thinking of it makes me hard, but I have read all your comments and I know I should not touch myself while it's hard, so I don't. On the other hand, I am scared that it will never get hard again. My sissy side is fine with it, but my outside-world side isn't. =(

    Do you think there is hope for this closeted sissy? Is it possible to live a "common" life on the outside and the life I like in private?

    1. Hi Helen,

      That's an interesting question sweetie, and I suppose there is no definitive answer as there are too many variables to consider.

      I believe some sissies can manage to conceal their sissy side whenever absolutely necessary (i.e. at work, around family and friends etc.) but then there are those whose minds surrender fully to the warm fuzzy pinkness that clouds their thoughts on a permanent basis and makes functioning and blending in with society almost impossible.

      The fortunate thing for those sissies who simply cannot hide their true nature is that they learn to love the humiliation and shame they feel parading around town in their 6 inch heels, blushing profusely and showing off their pink frillies to all the guys while they feel the judgmental glares of society as women scoff harshly at their embarrassing lack of manhood.

      Yes princess, those sissies have truly accepted their place in the world and have learned to come to terms with the fact that humiliation (and in turn, intense arousal) is just a part of their life.

      Goddess Gracie xx

    2. Thank you Goddess Gracie for your kind words!

      I will think about it. I am scared.


  16. Dear Goddess Gracie,

    I followed your advice and had some feminine alone time today. I choose to spend the time with my dildo and I experienced a sissy first that I owe all to you.

    I started out intent on fitting all 7" of silicone delite into my pussy. I haven't been able to do this yet as my new pussy pleaser is meatier than what I was previously using *giggles*

    I lubed up the head and shaft really good and started to massage it around my pussy lips really slowly. OMG I love the feeling of the head of the cock entering me. It makes my mascera run to get to that point but once there it feels like heaven **YAY** From there I slowly pumped back and forth at different angles until suddenly I was 7" deep and biting my tongue with excitement.

    I vibrated my pussy pleaser while completely inside me and pumped it in and out and OMG Goddess it finally happened. Like magic, cummies started to leak out of my 100% limp clitty which I attentively gathered with the index finger of my free hand to lick off with my tongue **MMM DELISHUS**

    I felt so airheaded and giggly that I just had my first inside cummies **YAY**

    Maybe I'm making too big a deal of it Goddess, but I think this marks a real turning point in my sissification. Only a real sissy can make cummies from within with a limp clitty and OMG I just did it. The feeling was **DELISHUS** and unlike anything I ever felt before. I made cummies but never lost my female energy and still have it in abundance an hour later **DOUBLE YAY**

    So to all my sissy friends who are worried about going limp: Trust Goddess Gracie and let it happen. My limp clitty set fire to my pussy and led me to this moment *YAY* And now that I have tasted cummies from my limp clitty that were created by a dildo all I can think about is doing it again and again until I'm ready to milk a real man's cock with my pussy and mouth.

    OMG I love you so much Goddess Gracie. Thanks for making me the happiest, silliest, giggliest sissy in the whole wide world, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    1. OMG YAY!!! Sissy is so happy to hear that you made your first no-hands limp squirties! If you keep practicing with that yummy dildo, Sissy is sure that you'll be ready to please a real man's delicious cock in no time. You go girl!

      That reminds sissy... she has an 8 inch dildo she hasn't used in a while.. mmm


    2. What a fantastic story! While I am still scared of going limp, it's these kind of stories that make me want it more and more! I don't think I will be able to fight my limp-wishes For much longer. Xoxo

  17. **tehe** thanx Joy. You're a real sweetie! :) OMG Joy the moment it happened I instantly started wishing for more hoping it would never end *giggles* I'm feeling like such a cock whore right now, all I want is more so maybe I'm not too far off a real man afterall *tehe*

    You're 8" dildo sounds like it needs some TLC from your pussy girlfriend *tehe* I think you should go have some fun!

    Love you girl, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  18. I LOVED LISTENINT TO THIS AUDIO FILE because I love being soft, limp, impotnet and tiny......This file has done a wonderful job of reinforcing more than 20 years of my experience in "The Lifestyle".....I was born with a genetic condition known as "Klinefelter Syndrome" (Google it for info) which means that I am genetically part male and part female. As a result, I was born with a teeny, tiny little Baby-size penis that never grew to adult size. Although it looks like mirco-size, miniature version of a Real Man's Cock.....IT IS NOT !!!....It functions more like a genetic girl's clitoris.....over the last five years, I have become MARVELOUSLY soft, limp and totally impotent......moreover, my clittie when flaccid is now totally invisible since it retreats up inside my body and all that is left is a half inch of shriveled skin (sort of like an uncircumsized cock). Although I no longer get "Erect" and "Hard", I do sometimes get "Engorged" and my turtle head will peek out and extend abut 2 inches but is very, very thin and slim sort of like a pencil that has been sharpened down to a nub......For years, I have only been allowed sexual release by my Black Domme ONLY when I am being fucked in my boi-pussy and experience multiple Female-type, internal, INTENSE, Anal Orgasms (sissygasms) ..... and ..... sometimes have involuntary "HANDS-FREE" releases from my limp clittie as my sissy juices ooze, leak and dribble out and sometimes actually squirt if I've been fucked for a long time......

    Thanks so much for creating this loop to reinforce my sissy status.

    Your limp, soft, weak, wimpy lil sissy clittie pussygurl,
    ms. karli kunt

    1. Hii Karli! Welcome to the blog!!!

      Oh my godddd, sissy is so jealous of your body. All us girls strive to make our clitties as tiny as possible, but sissy doesn't think any of us has a clit anywhere near your perfect nub's miniscule size.

      How do you manage to keep it from getting hard? Sissy is trying desperately to keep her stupid clit from getting hard whenever she thinks of real men, but it just isn't working!!! :(

      By the way, sissy absolutely LOVES your way of describing things. The word "sissygasm" is soooo fitting for us gurls. *giggle*

      Warm cuddles

    2. Hi Karli, welcome and do enjoy your stay :)

      I agree with Joy that "sissygasm" is a wonderfully appropriate word and one that should become part of any good sissy's vocabulary.

      It's great to have such a true pathological sissy with us sweetie and I know we are going to have so much fun together :)

      Love and cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx

    3. **tehe** sissygasm sounds adorbs and makes my giggle. Karli it makes me tingle hearing you decribe your multiple sissygasms while having your pussy fucked. What is your sn on flickr so we can check out these yummy pix of yours? Love n hugz Br♥ttany

  19. My Darling Slut Sista' Gurlfren Joy Toy,

    Thank you sooo much for your kind comments and such a warm welcome. I love chatting with other sissies, sharing stories, make-up techniques and tips on how to better please Real Men.

    Re my tiny clittie......I was blessed by being born with a rare genetic condition known as "Klinefelter Syndrome" (google it)which means that I am literally part male and part female. I was born with wide "Breeding" hips, a well-rounded feminine ass, big puffy nipples and pre-teen B cup size titties, as well as a teeny, tiny, Baby-size penis that has never grown to adult size and diminutive, sterile, testosterone-starved marble size, peanut ball sacs. Moreover, my clittie seems to shrink and shrivel up more ane more everyday. When it is flaccid, it disappears entirely up into my body, leaving nothing but a half inch of shriveled flesh.

    When I was younger, I also had a difficult time controlling my clittie. It had a mind of its own and would embarrass me all the time by getting engorged and hard at all the wrong times. However, I began to train it years ago in a manner very similar to that proposed by Goddess Gracie....I would stop playing with it when it got hard and wait for it to deflate ..... and...then I would keep playing with it soft and limp for hours and hours which seemed to break down the tissue..... I also engaged in "excessive" masturbation where i rubbed it up and down and back and forth like a genetic girl's clitoris....and....I also would lie face down on a bed or the floor and rub it roughly against the bed and the floor.....over many years, the pressure created by this friction breaks down the tissue in the penis until it just no longer gets stiff and erect....It will still get "engorged" sometimes which simply means that my tiny turtle head will poke out an inch or two max from it's shriveled "Hood". I think you will find that over time these methods will work to help you create a limp, soft, totally useless little clittie.

    If you would like to see some of my clittie pix, go to Flickr and look at my photostream.

    Hugs and Kisses and Warm Cuddles,

    Your slutty little sissybitch gurlfren',

    ms. karli kunt

    1. I imagine growing up you must have sometimes felt cursed Karli but isn't it *yummy* how you may now see this syndrome as a blessing that has helped you blossom into who you are today. Love Br♥ttany ♥hugz♥

  20. My Darling Slut Sista' Gurlfren' Sissy Brittany,

    Yes, Sweetie !!!....I did feel cursed as a young boi and today now see my "curse" as a "Blessing". I definitely had low self-esteem because of my tiny clittie and was teased so much that there were many nights when I went home and cried myself to sleep and cursed into the night as to why me ???....Why did my clittie have to be sooo tiny??? .... I was teased, tormented and molested by older Boyz and Gurlz who ridiculed, humiliated and degraded me for having such a tiny nubbin.....The older Boyz used to de-pants me in front of girls so they could enjoy how the girls laughed at my tiny penis......

    You know they say that...."A boy's first erotic relationships set the pattern for the rest of his life.....If a bois' first sexual experiences involve feelings of deep-seated humiliation, guilt, shame and submissivemeness, these feelings will sexually excite him throughout his entire life. Once he has been dominated and "forced" to play a submissive effeminate role..... From that point on he'll identify sexual excitement and release with the more feminine and submissive part of his personality -- and he'll never get over it!"

    I so agree with this statement about the permanant imprinting of those first sexual experiences.....At Age 4 a Babysitter dressed me in silky panties and a Sun Dress and her much older son teased me about my tiny clittie and manipulated me into playing with his much larger 8 or 9 I went through an "Initiation Cermony" in order to join a Tree House Club of Older Boyz (Age 14-16) and because I had such a tiny clittie they "forced" me to wear feminine lingerie and play with their feverish little sissybrain was overwhelmed by the eroticism of these events.

    At about the same time as these "incidents", however, I had an experience that cemented my sissy personality.... FOREVER ..... On a warm Sunday afternoon, I was De-pantsed by the older Boyz in a farmer's field where they held me down and stripped me naked . My little clittie was standing straight-up, extending all the way out to its full 2 inches in length, so that my tiny turtle head was clearly visible to anyone who might walk in our direction. When the Boyz saw my engorged clittie and realized the humiliation was "turning me on", they called out to two of the neighbor's daughters who were riding horses nearby. When the girls rode up, they looked down at me with smirks and laughter as one of them said: "Well, I guess he'll never become a Stallion, will he !" embarrassment was soo great that my clitie suddenly began jerking, twitching and pulsating as i cried out....."Ohhhh....Nooooo....I can't stop !!!....I can't help it !!!.....Ohhh.....Noooo....I'M CUMMING !!!" that most humiliating, emasculating moment, my tiny little clittie began spurting and spraying my sissy juices high up into the air so that they landed all over my face, lips, cheeks, eyes, hair and titties .... and .... this caused everyone to hoot, holler and roar with laughter as they realized what a pathetic little sissy i really was.

    Needless to say, it became a game for the Older Boyz to Depants me in front of girls. This teasing continued when I went to College and was "forced" to strip in front of my Fraternity Brothers as part of the "hazing" for Hell Week which led them into "forcing" me to dress only in a Batman Cape and Mask and to run through Fraternity Parties with my tiny clittie clearly visible as it jiggled, wiggled, bounced, flounced and flopped about helplessly because it was totally soft, limp and provided lots of laughs, entertainment and amusement for the Girlfriends of my Frat Brothers.

    Your tiny clittie little sissy fuck-toi,

    ms. karli kunt

    1. OMG Karli you have been through so much. **WOW** I only want to hug you for sharing so many intimate details about growing up.

      I also want to fight those mean bullies you had to endure but I've never been in a fight in all my life so I wouldn't even know what to do. I fear they'd do the same to me because I was an easy target just like you were.

      Socially, cognitively, emotionally I just feel so much closer to girls. I have always been told I think differently than most guys and I am so happy for it.

      I love you girlfriend. Thanks for trusting all of us with your story. You are home here and an inspiring SHERO to all of us. Hugz Br♥ttany

  21. My Darling Slut Sista' Gurlfren' Sissy Tiffany,

    So sorry, honey, but I forgot to give you my FLICKR name and URL.

    I am Ms. Karli Kunt2 on Flickr and the URL for my profile is:

    The URL for my Photstream is:

    BTW....Do you have a FLICKR account ?...If so, how do i find you ???

    Hope you enjoy the pix, the profile and don't forget to look at my "favorites"..

    Warm Cuddles, Hugs and Kisses,

    Your fluffy femme pink lil sissygurl,
    ms. karli kunt

    1. Thanx Karli. I have had a flickr account under brittanylishus for years but I haven't used it for quite some time. I mostly created it for a virtual doll collection. I love dolls **tehe** and maybe its because I never played with them growing up or because I identify with them on some level. I logged on to see your account and added you as a contact **giggles** Ciao sexy girl, Br♥ttany x0x0

  22. My Darling, Sweet Sissy Brittany,

    I went to your FLICKR site last and I just loved your YUMMY collection of sweet little dollies......I sooo wish we lived closer so we could get together and play with our dollies, dress them, comb their hair, do their make-up and pretend like two little girls (Giggle, Giggle, Tee-Hee)....

    Your femmme fluffy pink little sissy pantydoll,
    ms. karli kunt

    1. **MMM** what an adorable thought Karli. I just love playing with dollies. I think playing dress up and pretend with dollies is such an important way for girls to discover fashion, makeup, and just plain have fun whether with girlfriends or by themselves. Playing dollies has given me so many **YUMMY** ideas for my own makeup and clothing collection **giggles** I'll play dollies with you anytime you want :)

      Love you girlfriend, Br♥ttany xoxo

  23. My Darling Gurlfren' Brittany,

    I couldn't agree with you more.......I feel so sorry I missed out on that little girl experience of playing with dollies, learning about make-up, fashion and playing pretend with other little girls.....I would have loved all the talk girlie talk about fashion and make-up and also about Boyz and sex.....It is sooo helpful to share feelings, emotions and experiences with another girlie-girl who truly understands......After playing with the dollies, we could try various make-up techniques on each others, pain each others nails and toes, try on each others clothing, lingerie, panties, stockings, etc.....share ideas about hair care.....and.....perhaps even help each other shave our little boi-pussies since it is sooo hard to do that by yourself.....We could have sooo much fun on a "Sleep Over" and it would be sooo YUMMY to sleep together in our Baby-Doll Pajamas so we could cuddle, hug and keep each other warm during the night.....Oooo.....I wish we could have a "Sleep-Over" tonight.

    Warm Cuddles, Hugs and Kisses,

    Your femme little girlie-gurl sissy,
    ms. karli kunt

  24. **tehe** Karli you'd be the first on my invite list for a makeover and pajama party **hugz** It would be so much fun to do all you're suggesting and on another night maybe curl up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn or yummy icecream and some chick flic like "13 going on 30" or "Legally Blonde" or "Miss Congeniality" or just staying up for hours whispering secrets in bed about boys or playing truth or dare or even having a pillow fight **tehe** I wish we could have a sleepover too :)

    Love you girlfriend Br♥ttany x0x0

  25. My Darling Gurlfren' Brittany,

    OMG !!!....I love all those chick flix you mentione.....I've watched Legally Blonde and Miss Congeniality dozens of times.....I just love the slumber parties in Miss Congeniality......By the way, I also love pix like Cage aux Folles, Tootsie, Kung Foo Wong, Some Like It Hot and Jack and Jill that have such wonderful cross-dressing scenes in them......and.....I just think it would be sooo YUMMY to eat popcorn and whisper secrets about Boyz......and......I love Truth or Dare......I would love to Dare you to do a Strip Tease....or....fuck yourself with a dildo......Just imagine if some of those naughty Boyz found out we were having a slumber party and decided to "crash" it ???.....

    Warm Cuddles, Hugs and Kisses,
    ms. karli kunt

  26. **tehe** you have so many **yummy** ideas Karli. I can tell you've got sissy imprinting at a DEEP DEEP level and I just love it so much I feel like just eating you all up **tehe** If the boys crashed, maybe we'd find ourselves sharing a few yummy cocks together **giggles**

    I'll have to look into some of those movies. I've seen Tootsie and just loved it. OMG I love Marilyn but never did see Some Like it Hot. Last TV season though I did watch all episodes of Smash which is about putting on a broadway show of Marilyn's life. I love Adam Sadler but never did see Jack and Jill **giggles** I'll have to check that out. OMG I also love silly girly movies like Little Miss Sunshine, early Lindsay Lohan movies like The Parent Trap or just others like Confessions of a Shopaholic or The Devil wears Prada **giggles**

    As for TV, I don't watch the news or anything smart people normally watch but I do love watching Glee, Pretty Little Liars and Smash and I love gossiping about them after **tehe** Other shows I find frustrating because I have to ask questions about what is going on and that annoys the people I'm watching with so I just don't watch them anymore. Curiously that has started to happen with more regularity as I have dedicated myself to bimboization but I'm not sure if there is a relationship there? Goddess Gracie would know though.

    OMG karli when I'm at the gym now I pick up a copy of Cosmopolitan or Glamour and skim the pages as I do the cross-trainer or bike. There are so many fashion, lingerie, makeup and pleasing your man tips in there. The models are all beautiful and I love to look at all the colorful pictures **tehe**

    Love always Br♥ttany x0x0

  27. OMG this is my first time here an i want to say thank u to all of you. I had to read all the comments all 52 and by the time i got here m litte limp clity was spoaked in sissy drippings
    Thanks again!
    OMG i may never leave
    huggs rustti

    1. **tehe** you sound absolutely adorable rustti and by the sounds of it, will fit in here with all us other girls delishusly **giggles** Hugz n kisses, Br♥ttany

  28. My Darlin, Sweet, Femme rustti,

    Welcome !!!....I am so glad you have cum to join this group and look forward to getting to know you better.....Would love to see some pix of your "lttle limp clitty".....and.....learn more about you.

    Warm Cuddles, Hugs and Kisses,

    Your sissyslut gurlfren',
    ms. karli kunt

  29. My Darling Frilly Sissy Missy Brittany,

    We love soooo many of the same things.....Movies, TV programs, magazines, etc.....and......I just love going to the Beauty Parlor.....My Black Domme was the one who introduced me to Beauty Parlors.....She insisted that I go into have my finger nails polished and to have a pedicure.....At first, it was soo embarrassing......At the time, I was living in New York City and she would take me to these shops with all these little asian girls who would giggle and tee-hee at the CD cross-dresser having his/her nails done.....and....they really got a kick out of it when my Black Domme had me "waxed" before one of her parties so that I would be perfectly smooth for her Black Male Guests......I felt sooo feminine and girly being in the Beauty Parlor with all the other girls and my Black Domme talking about hair styles, fashion and men.....and.....when I got waxed, I realized just how much effort and sometimes pain a real girl has to go through to look sexy, feminine and beautiful for her MAN !!! was all worth it because I got Gang-Fucked that night at my Black Domme's party while all the other guests watched and several remarked how smooth and soft my skin was and how cute feminine my nails looked because I had them done in a pretty pink that matched my lipstick and my blush.....and....I had the beautician apply some pink lipstick to my boi-pussy after it had been waxed just to make it appear more pink, luscious and inviting for those Real Men's Big Black Cocks.....and....several of the guests loved how color coordinated I was and how good my pretty pink pussy and creamy white thighz looked in contrast to those Big Black Anacondas stroking in and out of my pussy all night was just sooo YUMMY and Delishus.....I was hooked on Beauty Parlors from then on and love going right before a Big Night of Partying with my Black Domme and her Black Boyfrenz....

    Your slutty little sissybitch pussygurl,
    ms. karli kunt

  30. **MMM** a beauty parlor sounds absolutely exquisite Karli. Like all sissy firsts, I could feel your embarassment and humiliation but then also the deep deep pride in **treating** yourself to some girl time to look your best for all that manaconda meat your Domme seems ready to serve to you **giggles** I think your Domme sounds **YUMMY** and very generous!

    I would love to have a mani and a pedi as well as some hair removal in tough to get at places between my clitty and pussy as well as my back. I know I have surprised even myself over the past 6 weeks so maybe with the right encouragement I would even set up an appointment to have this all done.

    **OMG** Karli the pink lipstick on your pussy sounds like it was such a hit. I have thought of bleaching my pussy area to look its finest but have not ventured down that path either. Perhaps I could arrange this with the other "must do" things over the course of a spa day **tehe**

    Toodles my slutty friend with so many yummy ideas **tehe** Love Br♥ttany

  31. My Darling, Sweet, Innocent, Little Virgin Gurlfren' Brittany,

    Ohhhh....YESSS....Tinker Bell !!!.....You MUST set an appointment for a full Beauty Treatment......Be prepared because the initial embarrassment and humiliation is INTENSE !!!....If I had not had my Black Domme with me, I might have backed out.....But, having said that, most Beauty Parlors are pretty accustomed to having Gay Men cum in for treatments.......I don't know where you live, but you might want to check and see if there are "Special Parlors" who cater to the CD,TV,TG,TS community. In most major cities, you can find Parlors or Individuals who advertise that they will do full "Makeovers" on effeminate bois who want to be feminized. They will do your nails, waxing, make-up, hair or wig and will even help dress you. In short, you might want to look through your Yellow Pages, the ads in your Gay or Alternative Lifestyle Magazines, Craigslist or go on line and search for those who cater to CD/TVs....

    BTW....YESS....Boyz always seem to love the pink lipstick on my pussylips....Some comment on it and others just fuck is definitely one of the tricks I've learned that seems to please Real Men....

    BTW again.....Have I mentioned to you about "douching"?.....You do know that you need to buy some of those "Fleet Enemas" at your local drugstore and use at least one of them before getting fucked in your sissypussy and before applying the pink lipstick so that you are perfectly clean down there. After using the enema, I always take some soap and a wash cloth and totally clean my pussy lips and then let them dry before applying the lipstick.

    With Love, Warm Cuddles, Hugs and Kisses,

    Your slutty little sissybitch gurlfren',
    ms. karli kunt

  32. **Mmm** thanks for this yummy information Karli.

    I've seen some of the pussy douches in the novelty shops and have looked around some of the pharmacies without much success for enemas. I'll look for the fleet enema :) I know how important it is for your pussy to always sparkle as well as have your body as smooth n silky as possible and so the douche I know is a MUST and a day at the spa would just be delishusly heavenly **giggles**

    I went into a novely shop that had breast forms and wigs yesterday and spent some time with the cute crossdresser sales person.

    The shop only had silicone breast forms that could be worn with a pocketbra. Its not what I wanted but I was tempted to try it on as they had a 38DD which is a size I wear now. I am looking for a lighter weight silicone that can be worn with adhesives so you can go braless if if you **giggles** If I can get that then I can wear a tube hop **YAY** but I also want the freedom to jiggle my own breasts when I dance like a slut or when I'm riding my man *MMM*

    There is an Incognito synthetic wig that comes in many styles and colors. I was looking for a light blonde with honey highlights *its so delishus* in either the flirt or diva style but they didn't have it in the store. It's fun to shop though **tehe** and it gives me a chance to be a sissy out in public **giggles**

    Love you so much Karli girl, Br♥ttany

  33. Omg, this is confusing and frustrating but i like it... I brike the rules and diddled a lil bit... but Goddess Gracie did say I had a few weeks to keep fiddling myselff so I went for it... i can't post links but i found a sight that The Goddess mentioned.. her names felica and if uou want the link I can email it to you..

    But the story here is even tho felicia has excelent cock worship files, I couldnt stay hard... I was really turned on, but I couldn't make spurties... I feel like this is great progress for me. gurls, I'm getting closer to IMPOTENCE!!

  34. My Sweet, Darling Little Limp Sissy K.Kiddy,

    Congratualations, Sugar Plum !!!.....It is sooo wonderful to be soft, limp and totally IMPOTENT !!!.....It refocuses all of your sexual energy and pleasure on your nice, tight, pretty pink PUSSY which is where a tiny little sissygurl should get all of her sexual pleasure and learn to have those YUMMY and DELISHUS Anal Orgasms (sissygasms).....Once a sissy becomes MARVELOUSLY IMPOTENT, it is normally not very long before she discovers the overwhelming erotic pleasure of having those deep, internal, INTENSE, whole body sissygasms that just flood your body with endorphins and turn you into such a little Bitch quivering and shaking with PURE LUST !!!.....You GO GURL !!!.....A LIMP, SOFT CLITTIE IS A BEAUTIFUL CLITTIE !!!

    Warm Cuddles, Hugs and Kisses,

    Your little sissybitch gurlfren',
    ms. karli kunt

  35. **MMM** so well said Karli. A sissygasm is unlike any other and once experienced you instantly crave for more. Love always, Br♥ttany x0x0

  36. My Darling Little Slut Sista' Gurlfrenz,

    I thought some of you might benefit from reading a Guide that i created several years ago to help virgin sissies prepare their nice, tight, little white boi-pussies for Big Black Cocks to fuck them. Please see below:


    Anal sex can be incredibly enjoyable; but, you have to prepare for it carefully and choose partners wisely. If you do, there shouldn't be any real problems. I am going to include an except from a book that talks about the four major issues and I highly recommend you read it and when you get ready to select a partner for the first time that you have him read this.

    There are four different types of things I think you should purchase to begin training and prepareing yourself for anal sex:

    (1) I highly recommend that you prepare yourself by going to an Adult Toy Store or better yet go online and purchase three different sizes of Butt Plugs (Small, Medium and Large). I used the Doc Johnson set of these when I was still a virgin.

    (2) Also buy LOTS OF LUBE, I prefer KY JELLEE that you can buy at almost any Drug Store. However, if you want to save money CRISCO will work just fine also.

    (3) You should buy either "FLEET ENEMA PACKAGES" or an enema kit. I use the Fleet Enemas simlply becuse they are easy and I"m only a part-time sissy. If you are single and serious about having anal sex in the future; then, you might be better off to buy an enema kit (look on-line or in a Drug Store like Walgreen's or CVS).

    (4) Finally, buy some pure Aloe Vera which you can find in a bottle with a hand pump at any Walgreens or CVS Drug Store.

    Once you have purchased all the items, you should follow the following process for preparing your pussy.


    Step # 1: Begin by giving yourself an enema. If you use the Fleet product, you might want to use two bottles the first time (You should do this every time before letting someone fuck you so that you have a nice, clean pussy. However, you don't have to do it when practicing by yourself as long as you can put up with some shit on your sheets or a towel and on your Butt Plugs).

    Step #2: Once your pussy is nice and clean; then pour lots of KY Jellee on your fingers and stick it up in your anal sissy pussy. Get yourself real wet, juicy and "creamy". Boys love a "creamy" pussy and nothing is more important than lots of Jellee because your pussy doesn't have a self-lubricating system like a genetic girl's pussy. You should also train your Bulls to constantly be putting more Jellee up inside you if they are going to fuck you for long periods of time, and, especially if they are going to gang-bang you.

    Step #3: Pour lots of KY Jellee on the Butt Plug, or when you start having a Bull fuck you, pour lots of Jellee on the condom on his cock. Make sure you have a full tube of Jellee on the bedstand so the Bull can periodically pour more of it on his cock. My general rule is that he needs to re-lube about every 10 minutes he fucks you. This will keep you from getting dry and will prevent bad abrasions and tearing to your soft, pink pussy canal.


    Step #4: Now gently insert the smallest Butt Plug into your pussy. Get used to stroking it in and out. Leave it in your pussy all night long. Keep doing this until your tight little cunt has finally accommodated itself to this new intruder and you feel comfortable with the smallest size.

    Step # 5: After every session of fucking yourself and/or after everytime that you shower, pump a couple of globs of Aloe Vera Gel on your middle finger and insert it into your pussy. Rub it all around the "lips" of your pussy and make sure you stick it as deep up inside your recently well-fucked little cunt as possible. The Aloe Vera Gel will feel soothing and will help heal any abrasions you may have created. Although you should have very few, if any, if you follow my instructions and use lots and lots of KY Jellee. You will want to do this after every time your are fucked whether you are fucking yourself or a Bull or Bull(s) are fucking you. In fact, for me, it is simply a standard part of my shower or bath ritual. It is simply a part of "pussy maintenance" feels really good.....especially when you have just been gang-banged and your little cunt is a bit sore.

    Step # 6: Actually, this should probably be Step # 1. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables and salads and try to avoid red meat. In otherwords, begin eating like a genetic girl. It will help you with your regularity and will make for better elimination. I have never experienced any serious problem with taking a shit after being fucked. However, you sometimes have some loose stools and sometimes you are a little constipated; but, after having stretched out your pussy, you are able to easily accommodate larger turds. Eating a healthy diet well help tremendously and try not to eat too much in the 24 hours before you are going to be fucked. In fact, I usually go to a primarily liquid diet that includes Slim-Fast or an Atkins Diet Drink for the meal before I'm going to get fucked and eat only green leafy vegetables, salads and/or other food that are easily digested for the two meals prior to that one.

    Step # 7: Now, start using the Medium Size Butt Plug. Go through the same routine. Sleep with it. During the day, if you can, insert the smaller one and wear it all day under your panties and your work clothes (even a pin-stripe suit). Tip: When wearing a Butt Plug during the day, be sure to put a thick panty liner in your silky panties so that if you have some leakage or a little accident (i.e. you start to shit), you will avoid one of those nasty stains to your pants. You can buy panty liners or Maxi-Pads at any Drug Store.


    Step # 8: Once your little pussy has become comfortable with the Medium size, you are ready to graduate to the largest size Butt Plug. Go through the same routine of fucking yourself with it, wearing it at night and wearing it during the day. This largest Butt Plug should be at least 2 Inches in Diameter which is about 6 inches in circumference. Most cocks, even those of Big Black Bulls, are less than 2 to 2 1/2 inches in Diameter. However, there are a few that are thicker.

    Step # 9: If you really want to prepare for the very thickest cocks, go out and buy an inflatable Butt Plug that you can insert and then blow up to a thickness greater than 2 Inches.

    Step #10: Once you have opened up your pussy and stretched it out by using gradually larger and larger Butt Plugs, go to an Adult Toy Store or Go On-Line and purchase a dildo that sits on a suction cup. These are wonderful for training your little pussy to get fucked.

    Lube up the dildo and stick the suction cup to any flat surface (The corner of your nightstand, corner of a table, corner of a chest of drawers, etc.) Now, position yourself over it and slowly lower your wet, juicy and "creamy" little cunt down over that dildo. Practice "riding" it by bending your knees and lifting yourself up and down over it. I like to put my computer nearby with some hot porn playing on it like one of the "Sissy Training Videos" that I can watch while I'm "riding" up and down on that nice, big, thick, hard dildo.

    Step #11: Once you have opened up your pussy and practiced fucking a dildo, you are finally ready to get fucked with THE REAL THING.

    Step #12: I highly recommend you seek out a knowledgeable and relatively gentle Bull for your FIRST TIME. Just like a genetic girl, you want someone who will be gentlle. The Bull should understand how to prepare you and how to fuck you. Since most Bulls don't understand how to do this, you should always do some of it yourself and try to educate the Bull to do more. (A) You should apply lots and lots of KY Jellee to your pussy before meeting with the Bull so that your pussy is already nice and "creamy" before the Bull arrives to fuck you. (B) Hopefully, you can get the Bull to do the following. If you can't, it's O.K. However, the best Bull Lover will begin by lying on his back and having you suck his cock in a quasi 69 position so that your ass is up by his hands and face. While you are licking, sucking and worshipping his Big Thick Throbbing Cock, he should be applying lots of KY Jellee to your pussy. Using first one finger and then two to apply it deep in your cunt.


    By opening you up and smearing KY Jellee all over your pussy, the Bull is getting you fully lubed and ready for him in a most delightful way as you suck his cock. Once you are prepared. (C) When you are finally "ready", get on all fours with your face in a pillow and your ass up in the air. The Bull should very gently and slowly pry your pussy open with the engorged head of his cock and slowly inch by inch bury his cock in your hot cunt. (D) Once the Bull's cock is balls deep in your pussy, he should NOT MOVE. He should just stay quiet for a few seconds, perhaps a minute, to give your pussy a chance to adjust, open up and accommodate his hot cock. (E) When the Bull does start to stroke in and out or your pussy, he should do it lovingly and slowly at first as he gradually builds up speed. You don't want some inexperienced or sadistic Bull pounding your ass like a jackhammer the FIRST TIME. As you get accustomed to being fucked, you may actually get so your crave that kind of pounding. But, not for the first time. And, actually, I still prefer both. My favorite Bulls are those that start out slow and then pound me to multiple orgasms.

    I do not recommend losing your virginity to a Dominant and Aggressive Black Bull who wants to "wreck" your ass and/or "split you wide open." This is NOT the type Bull or the way you want someone to take your sweet little virgin fact, I try to steer clear completely of those silly Bulls that want to "wreck" your ass and/or "split you wide open" or clearly want to fuck you roughly.

    If you follow the procedures I've outlined above, there should be no real problems. I've been doing this for more than 20 years and I've never had a problem. I know lots of other men and women who have had the same experience. The problems arise when you ignore one and/or all of these and you hook-up with the Sadistic Bull who wants to "wreck" your pussy. By the way, I generally prefer "older" more experienced Bulls and will generally not meet with any Bull younger than 25 years old. I prefer them to be at least 30 to 35 or even older. They are more experienced and know how to treat a sissy.


    Learn the proper techniques prior to trying it; that way your partner should find it enjoyable. And discuss it with your partner - it's important to decide jointly that this is something that you wish to explore with your partner.

    The keys are education, relaxation, lubrication and slow penetration

    Your slutty little sissy pussygurl,
    ms. karli kunt

  40. **MMM** Karli,

    Thanx for your wonderfully detailed advice on the one activity that we all dream of doing but that requires some TLC to have a loving memory while performing.

    I just douched my pussy with warm water this morning to get ready for the day and make sure it sparkles in this hottt n sexxxay black lace thong I'm wearing (its my only black; with the exception of a few other colors, all my panties, about 20 now, are pink).

    I don't have my pussy plugs yet but they are on my list. I have been having a little too much fun with my new breast forms and wig lately to go out and get the plugs **giggles** I do follow your advice with my dildo though and think more jelly will solve the comfort issue I've been having with riding.

    You are the **BEST** sissy in the whole wide world. Forever w Love ♥♥♥ Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  41. My Darling Sissy Gurlfren' Brittany,

    I am so glad to hear your are regularly douching your sweet little pussy. Nothing can destroy the mood for a Black Bull more than when he is fucking a sweet, virginal, little femme sissy and her pussy becomes all stinky, smelly and starts to leak.....Ugh !!!.....No Bull wants that experience.

    I love the fact your panties are all pink with just a few Black and other colors.....Pink is such a perfect color for wimpy, limp-wristed, prancing, mincing sissies like us....

    Can't wait til you get your pussy plugs and I would love to see some pix of your breast forms.....It is sooo much fun to look down and see your bra filled with big titties, isn't it ???....and....I just love my silhouette when I am fully dressed in a slinky dress or a hot blouse when I turn sideways and look in the mirror....(Blush, Giggle, Giggle, tee-hee)....the silhouette looks sooo much like a genetic girl that sometimes I forget that the breast forms are fake because they look soooo real in a dress or blouse.

    So glad to hear you are now using lots of jelly.....frankly, you can't use too much.....keep a container of jelly next to you at all times and keep lathering up that dildo as your ride up and down on it.....You will find you just want to keep riding forever because it just feels sooo YUMMY and DELISHUS to be filled, stretched, penetrated, probed, poked and stroked....

    Warm Cuddles, Hugs and Kisses

    Your BFF sissy gurlfren' ,
    ms. karli kunt

  42. Hi Karli,

    **MMM** the last thing I ever want is to ruin the mood whether its playing with my dildo or eventually being with a real man. I love the idea of a big hard cock pulling out of my pussy for a little TLC from my mouth and lets not forget eventually milking our men of all their yummy cummies after they fuck us **giggles**

    It might be selfish to say but I douche as much for me as for anyone else **tehe**

    Like pussy plugs, douching is a big part of preparing for womanhood and all the duties and responsibilities to our men that entails. **OMG** I can't wait for my pussy plugs either :)

    **BLUSH** yes the breast forms are so YUMMY. I could look at myself in the mirror a hundred ways and not get tired **OMG I'm sorry I'm so vain** I am dieting now for a smooth tummy so my 38DDs will just be popping out at the boys **giggles**

    The feeling of standing in heels with your chest popped out one way and your bottom jiggling the other way is just so DREAMY. I am in love with the feeling and energy I draw from dressing up and the breast forms just make something that feels DELISHUS now feel SCRUMPDILISHUS **giggles**

    **MMM** I'll let you know how my next riding lesson goes with lots of jelly **tehe**

    Love you girl, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    1. p.s.,

      I ended up having a couple of hours of private time today so I did some douching and then had some pussy fun that lasted a good 30 minutes.

      I lubed up really well this time Karli and played doggy standing and on my knees, cowgirl and on my back with toes pointed to the ceiling. **OMG** Karli I was riding that dildo like I was in the rodeo **giggles** and sucking on it in between methods like a cock addicted whore **tehe**

      It was SOOO heavenly and the best part was ending with a little pool of warm spurties in the palm of my hand, the biggest amount in the numerous times now I've had hands-free cummies. It was so HOTTT, I was begging out loud for it knowing my dildo had hit my sweet spot. **MMM** I never enjoyed the delicious taste of warm spurties like that before either.

      **OMG** I can't believe that my last 5 or so cummies have all been hands-free limp clitty spurties with a cock up my pussy. **YUM** what does that say about who I truly am?

      Thanks again for the advice Karli. Love you girl, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  43. Please, this sissy needs help! I've listened to this and Bimbo Blessing (all the way through for the first time). I'm just sooo so horny, but I don't want to stoke my clitty like a man! I've never been able to sissygasm, so I don't know what to!

    Sissy gurl Ashley

  44. My Darling Sissy Gurl Ashley,

    You poor thing !!!....You must be sooo sexually frustrated......Let me offer several suggestions that might provide a solution....One of the best solutions, of course, is to find another Slut Sista' Gurlfren' that you can get together with in order to enjoy some "Lesbian" sexual pleasure.....Just like genetic girls, it is totally effeminate to lick, suck and orally pleasure each others clitties and pussies.....If that is not feasible, then I suggest you adopt one of the two masturbation techniques I have used for years (simply because my clittie is too tiny to stroke like a man, even with the two finger method). Instead of stroking your clittie like a man, rub it back and forth and up and down and slap it against your tummy just like a girlie-gurl.....or....,. do what some girls learn to do as pre-teens or teenagers.....lie on your tummy with a blanky or a stuffed toy animal between our legs and rub your clittie up and down and back and forth just like you are fucking the bed, the blanky or the toy. Not only will this method provide you with sexual release, but there is some evidence that it will also break down the spongy tissue in your clittie causing it to actually shrink, grow smaller and eventually become MARVELOUSLY SOFT, LIMP AND IMPOTENT.....WOW !!!....Those are some great side effects, aren't they.....I've used both methods since I was a little boi simply because I am sooo teeny, tiny and too small to masturbate like a man....sooo I masturbate like a girlie-gurl.

    Your constatnly masturbting little sissy gurl,
    ms. karli kunt

  45. My Darling Slut Sista' Gurlfren Brittany,

    Your last posting was FANTASTIC !!! .... Ooooo .... sweetie I absolutely love the fact that you are only have sissygasms and finding release while fucking yourself with your Dildo/pussy plug.....this is such good emotional, psychological and physical training for a sissy.....It is the ONLY way I have been permitted sexual release for many years now and it is the only way that I waill masturbate now....

    Hugs, Kisses and Warm Cuddles,
    ms. karli kunt

    1. Hi Karli,

      **MMM** thanks for making me **sparkle** I couldn't agree more with what you're saying. All this training is making me appreciate how much of a sissy I really am **OMG** its so true and I am rapidly reaching that point where I just want to squeal it out to the world **giggles**

      **MMM** I am wearing nail enrichment polish now to strengthen and grow my nails **tehe** Why did it ever take so long to discover this? I'm also wearing extra small panties and hose daily now and the feeling of nothingness between my legs is **OMG** just so liberating **tehe**

      Well **tata** for now my sexy n yummy girlfriend

      Love Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  46. Hi Karli
    Just adore all your advise and writings as well. I have had a tiny clit my whole life and never appreciated it till I became a sissy girl.When dressed in sexy outfits I have no worries about showing anything and I go out alot now en femme as the girl I really am. I only have sissygasms when looking at pics of hot hunks with a dildo in my cunt and rubbing my clit. They are so wonderful now and know I can never be a male again

    1. **MMM** Hi Debbie,

      I couldn't agree more with you about Karli and all her **YUMMY** advice. I'm so jelus of you two sistes n your little clitties and how you go out en femme. You're living the dream girl and it just makes me **sparkle** to think that might be me one day. I'm so **happy** for you girl!

      I only sissygasm myself now and that can be sometimes from playing a long time with a soft clitty but mostly with 7 inches of delishus dildo in my pussy **giggles**

      I took Karli's advice n douche my pussy with warm water at least 3-4 times before playtime and then use lots of lube **OMG** I just love that feeling of the head of a cock entering my pussy and that first thrust of full penetration. I often hold it there to let my pussy enjoy the moment but then I find myself begging to be pumped and off I go often with face planted on floor and bum up in the air **MMM**

      I will often feel the uncontrollable urge to stop n suck on my dildo as if to worship it for the pleasure it gives, lube it back up with saliva and the pussy juices running between and down my legs. Then back to more pumping **YAY** searching for the sweet spot to make me sissygasm **YUM** and whether I catch it or it drips to the floor I lick it up like a kitty kat **MEOW**

      I'm not too far off enjoying my first mani n pedi at a real salon also thanx to Karli **YAY** OMG I just love looking after my 20 nails now and jealously guard their glitter against anything that would make them dirty or yucky or worse break **GRR* I broke one the other day and it made me cry so I'm even more mindful about living a dainty lifestyle **tee hee**

      Hope to maybe have some fun together in sissychat one day girl.

      Love always, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  47. Slow day here so sitting at puter listening to GGs tapes while doing my nails and thinking pretty thoughts in pink. Would be so wonderful having you girls company to just gossip about fashions and celebs while we do our nails together. Maybe even share one anothers dildos giggles. Well look for you in chat Brittany adn Karli. Hugs you precious princesses

    1. **AWWW** you're making me cry tears of joy girl. Isn't it **YUMMY** how you can even find meaning in a slow day by a little TLC for yourself **YAY** Still, there is no substitute for girlfriends to gab and have sum fun with **tee hee** We'll hook up soon girl. Hugz n cuddles, Br♥ttany x0x0

  48. Dear Goddess Gracie,
    hi Goddess Gracie, it's my honour to meet you. You are absolutely the greatest woman in the universe.
    I am sissy Stephanie. I would like to be your sissy maid, a property of yours and serve you with my full heart.
    I wonder do I have the opportunity?

  49. Hi Stephanie,

    Of course you can be my little sissy helper sweetie.

    I can never have enough fluffy little faggots to play with :)

    Goddess Gracie xx

    P.S. I've been receiving a lot of spam comments lately (most of it gets deleted automatically) so if you notice any, don't worry about it as I am aware of it and will remove it as soon as I spot it.

  50. Hi I'm new,but am very excited to be here. I want to expand my sissy development. I listened to a lot of your you tubes and they are the best ever Goddess Gracie, I'm very attached to certain ones. thank you sooo much,


  51. dear Goddess Gracie.... being a limp little sissy faggot seems so right!! sometimes i look at my pretty little sissy clittie in the mirror, and admire how cute it looks between my legs. to be honest my clittie seems to be getting smaller and smaller, like it is becoming more and more inside of me like a woman's clitoris is in her. i think your training will totally help this process along and thank You so much Goddess! i know i need to let all of my female friends know what a small pretty clittie i have. Oh Goddess, the idea of being truly friends with Women, talking and doing each other's makeup is such a wonderful thing. i can't wait to share stories about men! xo -tina

    1. Aww, I bet you look so cute in pretty pink panties that just make that little thingy practically disappear :)

      Keep listening to the files sweetie and keep me updated on all your progress!

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  52. A Dream Come True
    Dear Goddess Gracie,
    No comment needed I know you are busy transforming all our lives for the better.

    While I have always been a friendly, considerate soul that smiles at everyone and endeavours to be helpful I have always been secretly self-loathing because of my irrepressible sissy faggot ways and desires. I have also been appalled at being born a biological male.Your loving files have wiped all of that self-judgement and self-ridicule right out my heart and mind. I feel more and more wonderful every day. I feel free on the inside in ways I never dreamed could come true.

    You have completely transformed my life for the better in every way. Even my clitty has been totally transformed from something that irritated me constantly into the most docile and lovingly feminine aspects of my body. It doesn't get hard any more, and even if it did I would have no desire to touch it. I rub it through my panties on occasion because it feels so good, but then I move on to more relevant concerns. I can still enjoy warm spurties when I want them, but I am no longer a slave my clitty and its moods and I feel more feminine than I ever dreamed would be possible for me. Thank you Goddess!! You have made my deepest dreams come true. Thank you!!!
    With Love and Infinite Respect, Karla xxxx


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